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Project Description
azureQuery provides a jQuery-style JavaScript library that can perform Windows Azure cloud operations. Currently the library provides blob storage operations.


Like jQuery, azureQuery is a fluent API that supports chaining. For example, to store or retrieve a text blob one can use succinct single JavaScript statements like these:

aq.container('documents').blob('myBlob').text('This is a text blob');

var text = aq.container('documents').blob('myBlob').text();


Like jQuery, azureQuery has powerful selectors. The statement below finds all blobs in all containers ending in .xml and deletes them.



azureQuery has strong JSON support. For example, JavaScript objects can be stored and retrieved from blob storage using statements like these.

var order = { company: 'ACME Inc.', lastName: 'Smith', .... orderItems: [ ... ] };


var loadedOrder = aq.container('orders').blob('order-1001').json();


azureQuery is a community donation of Neudesic. For support or inquiries, contact David Pallmann at

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